The world’s first and only LIVE health transformation platform.

Move connected with your colleagues and coaches or join a race.

The safest, fastest and most sustainable way to build a healthy culture.

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THE WORLD’S first LIVE health transformation platform

The safest, fastest and most sustainable way to exercise.

Platform overview

By combining real time data services with audio voice functions Sprintcrowd is able to provide an entirely new and unique LIVE experience for group exercising.

In addition on-demand functions such as replays, solo and recorded runs allows our users to use the platform at anytime

For participants

Create your own event with friends for free or join many of the public events. Exercise LIVE connected with friends, larger groups or coaches in real time, no matter location.

"Running is a big part of my life and I have tested a lot of running apps but there is nothing like Sprintcrowd it has added another dimension to my running"

- Mustafa Mohammed, Swedish Marathon Record Holder

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For coaches

Create and host your own branded training programs with LIVE sessions, real-time feedback and DJ options.

“Sprincrowd has allowed us to expand our business and take on international clients in a way that we newer thought was possible”

- Lisa McRae, Founder and Coach at Urban Tribes

For Companies

Regardless if you are an employer, a race organization or a charity. You can create and host your own branded LIVE events with an unlimited number of participants.

The most inclusive and sustainable way to get people moving.

"Sprintcrowd is a great innovation that shows what digital technology can do to connect with clients or employees in a new and engaging way’

- Mark Bogaerts, Director Brand & Sponsorship at Tata Consultancy Services



You can drop us an email at or call us on +46 (0) 8 599 05 900.

You can host your own event and test the platform by downloading the app and creating a community run. As a free user you have 3 free credits to try community runs.  Contact if you are interested in organizing multiple community events or training programs. 

You can test the platform and create a program by logging on to the Sprintcrowd portal ( using the same account as you use in the app. If you are an organization or professional coach and want to launch a program get in touch via

You can either host your own programs or events or ask Sprintcrowd to provide professional coach, speakers or DJs.

The spectator view provides the audience with a web view of the event where they can watch the LIVE leaderboard and listen to the audio stream without participating.

Only your creativity sets the boundaries for how you use our platform. Some of the most common use cases are: Walk & Talks, POD Runs, Community Runs, Department Challenges, Interval training sessions, Distance run sessions and LIVE races with commentator. 

Don’t worry you can always participate in an event using the replay or by doing a solo run on your own in the app. 

The app is free to download and to use for solo runs or friends runs. If you are an organization and want to organize a program or a larger event there is a monthly fee of €250 (that includes your own branded landing page, challenge board and support) plus a €20 fee/user/month. We only charge for users that have actually participated in an event.