The world’s first and only LIVE health transformation platform. 

Move connected with your colleagues and coaches.

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The world’s first and only LIVE health transformation platform. 

Move connected with your colleagues and coaches.


We believe in doing things differently

Equip your team with what they need to thrive both in and out of the workplace. With Sprintcrowd, you can invest in their health and well-being and watch how the positive effects ripple through your entire organization. 


Our data-driven approach to workplace health and well-being makes exercise fun. With an emphasis on rekindling connection, our approach to health and wellness is fresh,  original and approachable.

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Our team of dedicated and passionate fitness coaches, inspiring speakers and DJs make health and fitness training more effective and accessible than ever.


We help you get results. With an emphasis on engagement and motivation, our approach to getting your workplace moving is refreshing and approachable.

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Voice Streaming Capabilities: Sprintcrowd offers users a truly connected experience with live voice streaming, enabling real-time communication and support amongst participants.

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Real-time updates: Stay updated with precise real-time data on distance covered, elevation changes, current and average pace, and more. With a coach broadcasting, live updates and an always-visible live leaderboard, users can stay informed and motivated throughout their wellness journey.

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Create bespoke live virtual run events Invite your friends, colleagues, and even your customers to join in on the action. You can even organize public fundraising events, led by experienced coaches or renowned fitness influencers.

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Live & on-demand features

Real-time leaderboards keep employees engaged, motivated, and accountable

Team collaboration tools for peer-to-peer support and discussion

Live coaching from fitness professionals for personalized guidance and motivation

Integration with popular fitness tracking devices for seamless tracking and reporting

Analytics and reporting for HR departments to monitor employee progress and program success

Organize a one-time race or event for a specific occasion or a more extended, ongoing initiative to encourage healthy habits



Sprintcrowd helps reduce stress in the workplace

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Sprintcrowd’s professional coaches, inspiring speakers and DJs make health and fitness training more effective and accessible than ever.

Tailor activities to suit your workplace’s requirements so that all abilities, cultures, ages, and fitness levels can engage and participate.

Effortless Onboarding

To ensure a smooth and hassle-free onboarding process, we provide new customers with a dedicated account manager who provides customizable onboarding materials to generate excitement, and awareness – facilitating increased participation and engagement.

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empower your employees

Seamlessly integrate Sprintcrowd into your company’s existing wellness program, or use it as a catalyst to initiate an exciting new fitness initiative.

Encourage teams to engage in fitness activities together, whether they are located in the same office or halfway around the globe. 

As employees accumulate data, their information is compiled into a global leaderboard. The leaderboard keeps everyone motivated and drives a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie.

Encourage participation

Daily leaderboards inject a sense of excitement and competition into your workplace health program.

Participants can easily track their personal progress and compare it against their colleagues. 

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host a challenge

Turn wellness goals into exhilarating team-building experiences. Challenges are fun ways to promote healthy competition, enabling employees to soar to new heights and achieve their full potential, both individually and collectively.

Encourage your employees to participate in challenges and events by offering incentives. 

Earth-friendly points

During health programs or challenges, users can accrue eco-points that can be redeemed to support the Ocean Cleanup and One Tree Planted projects. 

Wewill plant a tree for every 500 points earned and clean the ocean of fifty kilograms of plastic waste for every 1000 eco points redeemed.

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live audio + music


On demand sessions

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live races


Training Programs


Once you’ve decided to design and implement an employee health and fitness strategy, we help you with an initial assessment of your employee’s needs and interests and demonstrate how Sprintcrowd works. 

Contact us for a free demo and a dedicated account manager will show you what makes our platform different from the competition. 

Sprintcrowd is a platform that offers a variety of activities to suit every workplace culture and personality.

Our platform is built to engage managers and team leaders in establishing a culture of fitness and health in the workplace.

We provide a starter pack of marketing assets and a dedicated customer success manager to help you communicate upcoming events and drive onboarding.

Employees can train whenever and wherever they want, thereby our system caters to both extroverted and introverted personalities. Additionally, our coach-led activities, spark events, and challenges help promote team spirit and cooperation among colleagues, encouraging everyone to support and motivate each other to reach personal or combined goals.

All challenges and workout sessions are effort-based rather than performance-based, meaning that everyone can participate and contribute points to a constantly updated leaderboard.

Sprintcrowd provides every account with a dedicated customer success manager to help with onboarding, organise fun live events and wellness initiatives, evaluate participation levels in each activity, and track the analytic metrics that show what works and what doesn’t. 

We specialise in organising physical activities like running, walking, yoga, strength training and stretching sessions and relaxation techniques such as meditation, and breathwork. 

Your customer service representative can help tailor the program to your company’s needs. The only limit is your imagination!

Companies pay a monthly fee per user ranging from 10-25 euros per active user per month. Based on a minimum commitment number. This all-inclusive pricing includes a set amount of live coaching sessions and a dedicated support person.

We hear this often – but give us a chance to show you our product, and convince you that Sprintcrowd is different. Our app was developed by runners and athletes especially to motivate people to exercise. 

Other features to help workplaces setting up a new initiative include: 

  • White-label marketing assets using your company branding
  • Coach-led programs with LIVE training
  • Spark sessions with inspirational speakers and high-quality music broadcasting
  • Tailored programs focused on lasting change over a longer period 
  • Smart gamification and community building 
  • A dedicated account representative specialising in improving fitness program engagement in the workplace.

Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, French, and Dutch.