A working environment that promotes mental and physical resilience

workplace mental health

Does your company have a fitness incentive program to get workers moving? Poor employee health is an expensive issue for many businesses, leading to problems like absenteeism, lost productivity, and low staff retention.

A sedentary lifestyle is proven to be considerably harmful to workers’ overall health and fitness – and can contribute to a plethora of mental and physical issues that are preventable.

As a result, companies should focus on promoting corporate health and fitness. But sometimes, the tricky part is getting everyone involved…

A trend that many companies have found success with is ‘walk-n-talk’ meetings that take place during on-the-clock hours and involve calling in instead of using cameras.

Other creative incentives include healthy organised lunches, daily breaks to engage in 30 minutes of meditation or yoga and treating the team to a fitness tracker, so they can become more mindful of their physical activity during the day.

By implementing small initiatives, employers can increase motivation, improve company morale, enhance productivity, gain loyalty and, most importantly, improve fitness and mental health in the workplace.

Sprintcrowd can help your organisation maintain a working environment that promotes mental and physical resilience!

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