Using artificial intelligence to enhance the employee experience

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According to Career Builder’s recent findings, artificial intelligence and automation aren’t mere conveniences or enhancements; anymore – they’re crucial to contemporary HR strategy.

HR professionals that do not fully automate say they lose an average of 14 hours a week doing manual tasks that could be automated.

Learn about the advantages that come with incorporating AI-driven tools for health and wellbeing for HR professionals and employees.

Pain Points of Health and Wellness

We know that some of the most reported barriers to the success of a health and wellness program are poor implementation, lack of integration and engagement, and poor monitoring of HR metrics. To innovate in this area, it is necessary to recognize each person’s individuality yet also understand health patterns to recognize what works and what doesn’t. 

An AI-based exercise model is based on the experience of athletes and health coaches in combination with data sets available for fitness and health planning based on physical attributes and targets.

Through science-backed data collection methods and analytics, AI technology not only enhances personalized wellness experiences for employees – it also provides HR with the insights and metrics necessary to evolve and optimize wellbeing initiatives to get the results they are looking for. 

By shifting from a reactive to a proactive approach, AI solutions can transform how companies perceive and implement wellbeing and health benefits in the workplace.

This approach can help HR identify unique employee needs and pain points, while demonstrating the undeniable ROI of comprehensive, integrated wellness initiatives to management. 

More than just being a fancy sounding high-tech addition to a companies toolkit – AI solutions offer real and quantifiable benefits for both HR managers and employees. Here’s how:

Data-Driven Decisions:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an increasingly important force driving this transformation, particularly in benefit initiatives performance management. 

AI excels at processing vast amounts of data quickly and accurately, which offers unprecedented precision in decision-making within performance management. 

Managers no longer have to rely solely on their instinct or sporadic evaluations. With real-time data and insights about each employee’s performance during a wellness initiative, AI provides a foundation for more informed, unbiased, and effective decisions.

Sprintcrowd utilizes this innovative technology to its fullest, gathering and analyzing data to craft personalized wellness plans and challenges. The outcome is a shift from subjective ‘gut feeling’ decisions to objective, data-backed strategies, leading to more effective and fair health-related decisions.

Proactive Problem-Solving:

HR spend must meet wellness targets, and an automated wellness tool can help companies reach them. By digitizing the processes, companies can speed up reporting tasks that are otherwise repetitive, time-consuming and prone to human error.

AI’s predictive analytics can anticipate potential issues before they become problematic. This includes spotting early signs of employee burnout or disengagement. 

This proactive approach enables HR managers to intervene early when a program isn’t performing well, cultivating a health-promoting work environment and maintaining high morale and performance levels. There’s no more guessing about why people aren’t engaged – just intelligent, anticipatory management.

Enhancing Employee Engagement:

An engaged, motivated, and happy workforce is the foundation of every successful wellness program, and AI algorithms can help HR managers create personalized wellness plans and activities that align with each individual’s goals, preferences, and lifestyle.

When AI leverages the concept of gamification, it taps into humans innate competitive spirit to make wellness challenges more enjoyable and exciting. This personalized and engaged approach cam also boost participation. 

AI features like continuously updating leaderboards, gamification, real-time updates, live coaching, and collaboration tools not only promote camaraderie and friendly competition, but also provide employees with a sense of belonging.

Whether it’s group workouts, solo training sessions, physical exercises, or relaxation techniques, AI can determine the most suitable activities for different types of work cultures, then measure participation and engagement levels to determine ROI.

Consequently, support extends beyond HR and team leaders; it’s built directly into the system!

Not another health app….

Introducing health benefits to workplaces often meets skepticism. However, AI-driven solutions cut through the smoke and mirrors with customized programs, fun gamification, company branding, and dedicated support. AI doesn’t just manage; it revolutionizes the employee health experience. Personalized guidance means employees hit health targets faster, boosting workplace health, productivity, and satisfaction. What’s not to love?

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