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Keeping Gunnebo healthy
with Sprintcrowd

Gunnebo is an international security company with 3500 employees worldwide. Serving over 100 markets, the company has employees in 25 countries and 10 different production facilities.  To improve fitness and overall health for their geographically dispersed staff, Gunnebo used Sprintcrowd technology to create a customized 12-week fitness program.
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73% of the employees that registered completed the program


Over 50% of employees that registered attended more than one session per week

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80% of employees expressed interest in joining another initiative

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In high-pressure and demanding industries, like security, employers need to be creative to provide their employees with exercise opportunities. In order to provide flexible exercise options wherever their employees are, Gunnebo utilized Sprintcrowd's innovative solution.


In spite of Gunnebo’s reputation for applying innovative solutions to problems, promoting healthy exercise in the workplace proved challenging.
With busy work schedules and family obligations, finding time to exercise was tricky for many of the company’s employees. 
Mundane and repetitive workplace initiatives stood no chance of motivating the employees to change their habits. 
Therefore, Gunnebo took the initiative to introduce a creative and engaging exercise program with Sprintcrowd, incorporating fun and interactive live coaching/fitness sessions to get employees motivated and interested to workout. 
Utilizing innovative strategies appropriate for a dispersed workplace and a determined approach, Gunnebo was able to inspire its workers to embrace healthy exercise habits and enjoy the benefits of improved health.
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"The positive impact Sprintcrowd had on our business outcomes is undeniable"

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Sprintcrowd designed a comprehensive 12-week program for Gunnebo’s 2500 staff members, focused on physical activity and fitness.
Through the onboarding team’s guidance on company-wide communications and their targeted marketing resources, engagement and participation rates were boosted. 
The program included live fitness sessions with a coach, which could be attended in person or accessed later as recorded events.
To incentivize participation, Gunnebo offered free T-shirts to anyone with a 60% attendance rate, and gift cards for those who attended 80% of the sessions.
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Within just four weeks of the program’s launch, Gunnebo saw a remarkable improvement in employee engagement and performance. 
The company culture became more positive and productive, with decreased absenteeism and presenteeism. 
Live sessions helped motivate and engage a geographically dispersed workforce, particularly those who could not participate in sessions together. 
Staff members reported a better sense of purpose, improved morale, and increased productivity.
With Sprintcrowd’s tailored program and support, Gunnebo found that promoting health and wellness in the workplace was not only possible, but it also had a significant positive impact on their business outcomes.
As a result of this program’s positive outcomes, the company plans to continue it in the future.

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