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A healthier environment with Sprintcrowd and Semcon

Key Takeaways
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More than 85% of the employees who were invited took part in the 4-week challenge


A total of 1.2 million meters were covered by Semcon employees using Sprintcrowd

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Employees at the end of the program felt healthier & more connected

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Semcon Product Information, partnered with Sprintcrowd to create a 2-week health and fitness program to help their employees prioritize physical and mental health in their daily lives and add some healthy competition to their well-being agenda.


During the two-week program, employees teamed up with their departments to cover as much distance as possible by either running or walking. Of the 190 invited employees, more than 160 participated in the program. 
To keep the participants engaged and motivated, daily leaderboard updates and statistics were provided. In addition, employees were encouraged to submit fun photos and videos for extra points. Departments had equal chances of winning as the distance covered by each department was divided by the number of employees.
The program utilized an app that tracked all distance and team efforts automatically. This allowed employees to track their progress and compare it with other teams. Moreover, the app provided a platform for employees to connect with one another, promoting a sense of community and friendly competition among teams. The program was so popular that some employees even called during the weekend to ask whether their cycling trip to buy milk could be counted towards their team’s score.
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" I loved the daily updates on each department's progress, which kept the program fresh and sparked healthy competition among coworkers."

Erica Dahlgren Nurman

Business Development & Communications

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Sprintcrowd’s two-week program, with its daily updates and leaderboard, was a well-received part of Semcon’s well-being initiative that ignited team spirit and added playfulness to the workday. Encouraging walking, in addition to running, led to a lower participation threshold and resulted in more employees joining the program.
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Sprintcrowd’s engagement demonstrated the positive impact that technology-based wellness platforms can have on employee health and well-being and company culture. 
Semcon’s partnership with Sprintcrowd provided its employees with a convenient and accessible digital tool to support their health and well-being. The two-week initiative was enthusiastically received by employees, and it positively influenced participation rates. By promoting healthy competition, Semcon and Sprintcrowd succeeded in enhancing their well-being agenda while also fostering team spirit and community among employees.

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