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With Sprintcrowd, coaches can host on-demand, LIVE fitness sessions and tap into the growing popularity of user-friendly live-streaming and branded fitness programs.
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Program planning and personalisation: Create branded training programs with the help of your own dedicated consultant. 
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Build your community culture: Promote new initiatives and events and regularly track and report on their success and progress.
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Host & Earn: Expand your coaching business with regular interactive live workouts, talks and meet-ups. You can decide whether events are free or subscription-based. 
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key features


Training Programs


Your branding

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Live Leaderboard

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Live audio + music

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Community runs


Coach view


Host & earn

advanced stats

Advanced stats

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Live races


Record & replays

Build your own branded portal

Create your own private training portal & encourage your contacts to sign up for LIVE training events, walk-and-talks or virtual meetups over a period of time. When your community grows, so does your business!
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White label branding

Apply your own fonts, images, and colour schemes to give your training portal the look and feel of your company. Personalise events for your target audience, share signup links or special codes with your audience and promote them via social media or email marketing. 

In-house support

Our consultants are trained to help with the set-up of your coaching program from the design phase through to the planning and execution – and will ongoing support and feedback to maximise engagement levels and ensure the success of your coaching program and hosted activities. 


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Connect with your audience

Use the web-based coach view from the comfort of your computer to interact and coach your participants. Get real-time statistics such as distance, time, position, average pace, current pace and location to enhance your LIVE coaching advice.
While working out, your subscribers will hear your voice (or a co-host) motivating them or coaching them. You can open the microphone for users to speak back to you or stream audio and music directly from your computer. Sessions can be recorded and posted on the platform afterwards so participants that couldn’t make a scheduled workout can listen to them later on demand.



  • Power Walk
  • Dance Zumba
  • Circle Training


  • Strength – Full Body
  • Tabata

Mobility & Mindfulness

  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Power Pilates
  • Desk Mobility
  • Breath Work

Education/ Workshops

  • Work-life Balance