for coaches

Create and host your own branded training programs with LIVE sessions, real-time feedback and DJ options.

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Organize and publish your own digital training program

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Build a community with real- time audio and data statistics

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Host & earn: decide if events are free or open by invite only


key features


Training Programs


your branding

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Live Leaderboard

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live audio + music

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community runs


coach view


host & earn

advanced stats

Advanced stats

live run

live races


record & replays

create a vibrant run club

Create your own branded program and invite runners to your run cub to participate in a set of LIVE intervall sessions or distance runs over a period of time. Or just run together voice and audio connected no matter location.

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Customize and brand
your program

Apply your own images and branding. You decide if your events should be free or invite only. Start earning money from your coaching.

invite your audience

Share the magic link or special code with your audience through social media or via email and have them sign up for your event or program.

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Coach your participants

Use the web based coach view from the comfort of your computer to interact and coach your participants. Get real time statistics while they run such as distance, time, position, average pace, current pace, city and country. Coach on your own or invite a co-host

While participants run they will hear your voice. You can also chose to open the microphone for them or stream music directly from your computer. Decide to record and republish the session for participants to enjoy your sessions on demand