How can I contact Sprintcrowd if I have any questions?

You can drop us an email at hello@sprintcrowd.com or fill out the contact form on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How can I add friends that I want to run with?

Go to “MY CROWD” in the app and click the Add Friends icon on the top right. People you invite will automatically become your friends when they click the link in your invite.

Why do you need access to my location data?

The Sprintcrowd app uses location data to track how far you’ve run when you are running in a Sprint. We do not share your location data with anyone and it is only used to deliver the service to you. Only distance, pace, time, elevation and position will be shared with other runners as part of the race. 

Why do you need access to my microphone?

The microphone is used when you are using the voice-call functions in the app. You can select mute on the screen to mute any voice communication during a run. You can also manually choose to disable the microphone, but then you will not be able to join in calls during the run. During a friends run, you’ll be automatically connected with runners. This gives the feeling that you’re running for real, side by side. In a crowd run, where there could be many runners, this function will be disabled and only the host can decide who is able to talk. 

How is my personal data secured?

When you sign in to the app we use social login to generate an access token. The access token and data is encrypted, and only you will have access to your data. We only store your name, country and email address from your login in order for you to be able to use the app. Your name and country will be visible to other runners when running in a race on the leaderboard. We use the country to increase the experience by showing a country flag next to runners on the leaderboard. At any time you can request to have your account deleted by emailing us at hello@sprintcrowd.com

Can I listen to music while I run?

Yes you can listen to your own music while you run. You will still be able to hear the coach or in a friends run your friends and the music will play in the background. You can also chose to turn off/on the the audio stream from coach or friends by clicking the “speaker” button at the bottom left on the route screen. Or to turn off/on the audio narrations by clicking the statistics button bottom right on the route screen.