How can I contact Sprintcrowd if I have any questions?

You can reach us either via email at hello@sprintcrowd.com. You can also fill out the contacts form on our website and we will get right back to you.

How can I add friends that I want to run with?

By clicking the add friends icon top right in the app when you are on the “MY CROWD” page in the app. You will be prompted with entering your friends code or you can share your code with a friend and have them add your code. Alternatively you can click on the “invite friend” button and share your friend code via WhatsApp, SMS, Email ETC. Once your friend has downloaded the app he/she will need to add the friends code. Sprintcrowd are looking to improve this experience in the next release so that friends are added automatically when you send them an invite

Why do you need access to my location data?

The Sprintcrowd app uses location data to track how far you have run when you are running in a Sprint. We do not save or share your location data with anyone. Only distance, pace, position will be shared with other runners when you are in a race. 

Why do you need access to my Microphone?

The Microphone is used when you are using the calling functions in the app. You can select mute on the screen to mute any voice communication during a run. You can also manually chose to disable the microphone but then you will not be able to participate in calls during the run. Calls are initiated with runners that you are friends with during a run when you are less than 100 “virtual” meters apart you will be connected. If your distance increases to more than 100 meters you will be disconnected. This is to simulate like you were running for real side by side. In a public sprint where there may be many runners this function will be disabled and you will manually need to click the call button on the leaderboard to connect with friends

How is my personal data secured?

When you sign in to the app we use social login to generate an access token. The access token and data is encrypted and only you will have access to your data. We only store your name, country and email address from your login in order for you to be able to use the app. Your name and country will be visable to other runners when running in a race on the leaderboard. We use the country to increase the experience by presenting a country flag next to runners on the leaderboard. At any time you can request to have your account deleted by emailing us on hello@sprintcrowd.com

Why cant I see statistics of my previous runs?

Today the statistics section is limited to only your average pace, total distance run, number of races completed. In the next release we will improve this to also include statistics and position per race.