What is included in a Sprintcrowd corporate subscription?
Every corporate program includes six weeks of onboarding, 12 weeks of activation and 12 weeks of background support once everyone has established a health and fitness routine.
Your designated customer service representative will help get everyone signed up by sharing branded, curated content about health and fitness, upcoming events and different activities to engage and inspire personal and professional well-being.
Can you explain how onboarding works after we sign up?
The onboarding phase is devised to encourage your employees to sign up for the program. The process normally begins when we set you up with your own company fitness landing page and email login, from which an invite is sent out to all employees/members. This email provides everyone with information about the program and includes a video link from one of our coaches on why and how to sign up for the program.
Our design team creates customised health and fitness content using your branding to evoke an emotional response about health and fitness, with a smart tag to encourage them to sign up. Marketing content about upcoming events and fitness sessions can be distributed all over the office, in the staff room, lift, office and restrooms to drill in the importance of health and wellness in the workplace and why the health program is a good idea.
Sprintcrowd support the HR team, and included in the onboarding package are two webinar sessions with ideas on how to get everyone signed up without anyone feeling left out.  
Can you explain how the twelve-week activation phase works?
After the onboarding phase is complete comes the activation phase.  
During this time, our specialised coaches and customer service reps work with your team to inspire, motivate and help them create a fitness and health program that sticks.
Your employees/members will have one or two weekly live sessions with a coach (these can be running, walking, mindfulness, breathing, yoga or weights).
If anyone misses a session, they be provided with the chance to access that session later on-demand. Users will get a push notification reminding them when a session is coming up, and if they miss the run, it will remind them to take some time to exercise later in the day.
Catch-up sessions still accrue points for the result board (both individual and team), and the participant is able to listen to the original audio recording so not to miss any important information from the coach, speaker or colleagues.  
What role does our customer service representative have in all this?
Your Sprintcrowd support person is like a remote event manager who helps organize fun live events and wellness initiatives, evaluates participation levels in each activity and keeps track of the analytics that show what works and what doesn’t, and who is getting involved and who might some extra support. Basically, they act as a coordinator and problem solvers to the HR department. Keeping track of data and helping motivate engagement and participation.
What happens when we have onboarded everyone and completed our first twelve weeks on Sprintcrowd.
When everyone is onboarded and engaged after the 12 weeks often, the fitness program can continue by itself in a more regular, sustained phase. Live sessions drop to one per week, and while users still have access features, the goal is that they now have a routine established that can be carried on (however, if they need further motivation, Sprintcrowd can just reactive another 12-week motivational phase).
Can we decide which activities to do?
Yes – with the support of our team, who will create events and work out a program that suits the company so that HR does not have to take on the job alone.
How can you help us engage our staff/employees?
Sprint crowd works to motivate employees in three ways:
Coach-led activities – The coach participates in runs and exercise sessions remotely to build engagement, create a community and motivate everyone to get involved.
Live events – These events can be hosted by motivational speakers (from the company or externally) or they can be hosted by a DJ or local musician.
ChallengesChallenges created to help promote compassion and cooperation among colleagues and stimulate participation in events and meet-ups. Team-based challenges encourage employees in different departments or locations to support and gently push each other to reach personal and combined goals, which can be completed in teams or as individuals. All challenges and workout sessions contribute points for the leaderboard. Teams and individuals can also create their own events in addition to the scheduled workouts.
Why should we use Sprintcrowd in our company for health transformation?
Simple. We help enhance your company’s core values and corporate culture while promoting the health and fitness of your employees.
We are the only platform offering Live workouts with real-time commentator statistics and analysis through your headphones. In a world where everything is pre-recorded, live sessions can really inspire and boost employee enthusiasm for health and fitness experiences. Users in different timezones can participate in the same workout session and compare results in real-time rather than do a pre-recorded workout without any social interaction or motivation to show up.
Do we need to sign for the whole year? 
No, our app is like a cable streaming subscription.  You just need to sign up for a minimum of one month, and then you can cancel with just one month’s notice.
If we want to leave after a year
You can cancel your subscription whenever you would like.
How are Subscription payments calculated? Is there a minimum number of participants?
Companies pay a monthly fee per user that which is based on a minimum commitment number. This all-inclusive pricing includes a set amount of live coaching sessions and a dedicated support person.
Why is live exercise better than exercising alone?
Live training combined with Sprintcrowds AI tools can help trainers keep tabs on your progress, wherever you are training. With Live activities, coaches can provide you with direct interaction while you work out.
Even Sprintcrowd’s on-demand content is LIVE since participants can experience past sessions in the now. Users’ latest exercise statistics and results are added to the leaderboard as they run or participate in a workout session – even if the others have already completed that session. That means a runner can participate in a night session against people that ran earlier in the day and hear how the run went on audio replay. If the run doesn’t go as planned, users can even redo a race to see if they can outdo their earlier score or personal best.
We used so many apps before. What will make this time different?
We provide three great support formats to build awareness (branding) and empower staff to sign up and move about.
These include:
White-label marketing assets using your own branding
Coach-led training/ Live events
A dedicated customer service representative specialising in improving workplace fitness program engagement.
How do we get the people who never do any exercise to get involved? 
Our programs offer a broad spectrum of activities to suit different personality types and workplace cultures. We help you tailor the program to suit your company’s environment and employee requirements. Some companies start out with a fitness and health program that focuses on getting people to move their bodies more, only to change activities down the line to focus on mental health awareness or yoga and stretching.  
Our platform allows people to train when and where they want – while still feeling connected with their colleagues anywhere in the word; this means both extrovert and introvert employees or members are catered for in different ways. Nobody gets left behind with Sprintcrowd.
What can Sprintcrowd do for mental health?
Through our affiliate network, we have more than 100 professional coaches certified in different wellness activities that can help promote brain and body health in the workplace. We also can create customized content that promotes awareness on mental health challenges in the workplace, and tailor a program around de-stressing and coping techniques to prevent burnout.
Which languages do you support?
Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, French, Dutch
Can employers be anonymous?
Participants can choose to submit anonymous or non-anonymous results to go on the leaderboard.
Data storage and GDPR 
Data is stored in Stockholm, and we adhere to the GDPR policy.
Can we create our own programme and invite whom we want?
Yes, you can. The sky is the limit (well, almost).
Can we invite partners and customers?
Can I delete a race?
If you would like to delete a race for some reason, just get in touch with us, and we will do this for you.
Can we co-host an event with our own speakers?
How about yoga and other stuff than running? 
While we specialise in organising activities like running, walking, yoga, strength training, cycling, skiing, cross-fit, and mindfulness, your customer service representative can help tailor the program to your company’s needs.
What is a Crowd Run?
You can create a Crowd Run by selecting “Create Sprint” and then selecting ‘Create Crowd Run’ (see this video tutorial for Crowd Runs). This will allow you to create an event with an unlimited number of participants you can invite via a custom link. You can also brand your event with your image, name and description. You can add a co-host if you like and even play music for the audience when broadcasting using an Irig2 (see instructions). On the leaderboard, you can click the microphone next to audience names and pass them the mic if you want to involve them in the conversation. 
How do I edit or find the links to a Crowd Run?
If you click the “S” Sprintcrowd logo top left of the app, you can find your Crowd Runs. When you create a Crowd Run, you will also receive an email with details of your run. 
What is the spectator view?
The spectator view is a web link that you can embed on your website or share with participants that want to view the leaderboard and listen to the Audi Stream without participating. You can find the link to the Spectator View under “My Crowd Runs”
Can I listen to music while I run?
Yes, you can listen to music while listening to the coach or fellow runners or turn off/on the audio stream by clicking the “speaker” button at the bottom left on the route screen.
To turn off/on the audio narrations, click the statistics button at the bottom right on the route screen. 
Can I add friends so that they can run with me?
Yes. Just head to “My Crowd” in the app and click the ‘Add Friends’ icon on the top right. Anyone you invite here will automatically become your friend when they click the link in your invite. You can also add friends by clicking on their name in the app and adding them to your ‘crowd’. This will send the user a friend request that they need to accept. Alternatively, you can search for users that are already using Sprintcrowd in the “My Crowd” area. 
Why do you need access to my location data?
The app uses location data to track how far you’ve run when you are running in a Sprint. Your location data is, by default, shared with friends (who mutually accept) so they can see your running route as part of the app experience. You can turn this off by changing your privacy settings to “private”. Only distance, pace, time, elevation and position will be shared with other runners as part of the race. 
Why do you need access to my microphone?
The microphone is used when you are using the voice-call functions in the app. You can select mute on the screen to mute voice communication during a run. You can also manually choose to disable the microphone, but then you will not be able to join in calls during the run. During a friend’s run, you’ll be automatically connected with runners. This gives the feeling that you’re running for real, side by side. In a crowd run, where there could be many runners, this function will be disabled, and only the host can decide who can talk. You are always able to mute your microphone in the app. 
How is my data secured?
When you sign in to the app, we use a social login to generate an access token. The access token and data are encrypted, and only you will have access to your data. We only store your name, country and email address from your login for you to be able to use the app. Your name and country will be visible to other runners running in a race on the leaderboard. We use the country to increase the experience by showing a country flag next to runners on the leaderboard. Depending on your privacy settings (by default set to friends only), you can decide who can see your running route. At any time, you can request to have your account deleted by emailing us at hello@sprintcrowd.com
Why does my result look different when I upload my run to my STRAVA account?
STRAVA uses the concept of moving time and elapsed time. By default, you see the moving time in STRAVA. I.e. only the time you have been moving. If you check your detailed analytics in STRAVA you will also see the elapsed time, which corresponds to Sprintcrowd. We only use elapsed time as this is more relevant when running together. The same goes for elevation, where we calculate the ups and downs of a run, whereas STRAVA only calculates the ups. 
If the app seems to stop when I lock the screen, what should I do?
If you are using an iPhone with IOS 15.2.x or 15.3.x you need to update to the latest version of IOS by going to settings/general/program updates on your phone to support screen locking. 
How can I contact Sprintcrowd if I have any questions?
You can drop us an email at hello@sprintcrowd.com or fill out the contact form on our website, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.