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How it works

Step 1


On your mobile phone clikc on the link you received in the email invite for the events that you want to Join. If you have the app installed you will be automatically joined to the event. If not the linke will download the app and you will need to create an account and sign in. Once logged in you will be added to the corresponding event by clicking the links in the schedule.

If the link does not work you can use the pincode for each session by clicking the green “S” log on top left and then “enter special event”

If you need any help you can email


Step 2

Add Friends

You can add a friend to your crowd. Once you are friends in the app, you can invite each other to your own runs and talk to each other during the run.

You will also get narrations in your headphones when you run for the people you are friends with when you pass or approach them. 


Step 3

Enter the event

When it is 5 minutes left to start, click on the race and “Enter Sprint“. You will then end up in the warmup lobby with countdown.


Step 4

Running the event

When it is 1 minute left, the “run route” opens and you can see the other participants. When the start signal sounds, you start running. You will then receive updates both through your headphones and on the screen as well as hearing the LIVE coach/speaker.


Step 5


When you finish, you will both hear and see your placement. You can choose to stay in the app and see when the other participants finish.


Step 6


After the race you can see your statistics and placement. As well as the placement of other participants.