for Individuals

Sprintcrowd is a health, fitness and running platform for private users, businesses, and coaches.
Create a fitness challenge, sign up for organized runs and training sessions and workout LIVE while connected to friends, other runners and professional fitness coaches no matter where you are geographically located.

Private User Features

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Connect with friends

Create fun run events with friends and colleagues to train and compete against each other in real-time no matter where you are.

receive live updates

Sprintcrowd makes it easy to track your progress with live hands-free voice notifications that inform you when you pass or approach a competitor’s position.
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AUDIO & Video Connection

Connect with fellow runners with chat, voice or even video. Or, just focus on the voice of the coach or DJ while you are running. 
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Measure your own progress

Track your fitness progress through real-time analytics and statistics that update every step you take. Even when you’re just running errands. 

Here's how it all works

Once you have downloaded the app you can join one of our community runs and pre-recorded training sessions or tailor-make your own event and invite other users to attend.
With Sprintcrowd’s interactive user experience and state-of-the-art AI technology – you’ll be motivated to improve your performance and achieve your goals.
(Don't sweat it, it's free)

Move connected

Experience LIVE audio updates while working out to motivate you while running and help you always know where you stand on the leaderboard in relation to other runners covering similar distances. 
Run with a professional coach’s voice through headphones or create solo runs in your own time to receive personalised AI progress updates based on your past results.

build your community

If you have ever played a team sport, you are aware of the sense of camaraderie that can exist among teammates. Working out (even remotely) is no different! 
Group running is often more fun and motivating than running alone. With Sprintcrowd, you can find other users to exercise with virtually, or you can invite friends and family to grow your own community of runners.

measure your progress

With non-stop access to advanced statistics, you can track your progress and compare your performance statistics with other users. 
It can inspire you to pick up the pace or go a little further than you planned when you see your results improving faster than expected – and the leaderboard may encourage you to push yourself more when you’re working out with other users.



  • Power Walk
  • Dance Zumba
  • Circle Training


  • Strength – Full Body
  • Tabata

Mobility & Mindfulness

  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Power Pilates
  • Desk Mobility
  • Breath Work

Education/ Workshops

  • Work-life Balance