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Strategic Wellness = Enhanced Productivity

King, a cutting-edge Swedish gaming company known for captivating the world with its extraordinary video games created a fun and immersive fitness and health challenge using Sprintcrowd technology.
The campaign helped not only to improve employee well-being but also ignited a sense of excitement and camaraderie among employees.

Key Takeaways

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Employees achieved participation and engagement rates higher than expected, surpassing industry standards.


After the program ended, employees reported improved fitness and well-being, and were motivated to continue exercising.

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Data insights provided King with actionable information to enhance future initiatives.

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King executives recognized that their employees were spending long hours sitting in front of screens, which could lead to physical and mental health issues.
To cultivate a culture of health, the company decided to launch a health and fitness initiative aimed at encouraging employees to participate in a company fitness challenge at the end of a 12-week training program.
The goal was to inspire a shift towards a healthier lifestyle for employees, while also boosting productivity and engagement in the workplace.
King recognized that while there are many wellness solutions available, not all of them are successful in generating meaningful engagement from employees. So, they contacted Sprintcrowd to explore a more effective and engaging approach to planning a health program.


With Sprintcrowd’s cutting-edge technology and personalized coaching, King wanted to create a wellness program that not only addressed employee health but also helped foster a united culture of teamwork and collaboration. 
Sprintcrowd’s cutting-edge technology, powered by machine learning, gamification, and intelligent automation, perfectly aligned with King’s tech-savvy company culture and made the proposed health challenge (live coaching for 12 weeks and the option of participating in either a 5K run/walk or a 10K run at the end) more interactive and enjoyable for employees. 
As a result, employees were more motivated to participate in the coaching sessions and make daily healthy choices, leading to improved health and fitness outcomes even after the challenge had finished.
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King’s innovative fitness program with live coaching, smart technology, and real-time analytics, resulted in much higher employee engagement and motivation than was expected. 
Over 120 employees from around the world participated in the program, which included regular group training sessions to create a more positive work environment.
At the final fitness event, an inspiring speaker shared uplifting stories about each participant, fostering a sense of pride and unity among the whole King team.
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King employees went beyond expectations and achieved remarkable levels of participation and engagement, surpassing all predictions!
The program left a lasting impact on King employees, with improved fitness and well-being that fueled their motivation to continue their healthy lifestyle even after the program concluded.
The treasure trove of data collected provided King with valuable insights into their employees’ health behaviours, empowering them to enhance future wellness programs for even greater results.
By using Sprintcrowd’s cutting-edge technology, King unlocked significant benefits for both individual workers and the company as a whole.
The resounding success of the program has led King to make an exciting announcement: they’re bringing it back in 2023!

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