Key benefits of workouts with motivated friends

motivated friends

Science has shown us that exercise habits really are contagious – and working out with motivated friends is often more effective than going it alone. But why is that? And how can we exploit the benefits of social workouts in the workplace when many of us now work remotely?

Healthy fitness actions rub off 

A recent study surveyed over 100 people to find out what they were doing, and how they felt while exercising. Based on the results, exercising with friends made people enjoy their workouts more. 

Another study in The Journal of Obesity found that overweight people tend to lose more weight when they go and spend time with fit pals that love to exercise.

All of the evidence proves that incorporating workout buddies and coaches into a person’s fitness routine will help people reach their goals faster.

Sprintcrowd LIVE

Sprintcrowd live was designed to help people change their fitness habits in a supportive, social online environment. 

The app encourages users to become more active with a wide array of engagement features that are accessible anytime, anywhere.

Group exercises can be tailored to suit the needs of a corporate or coaching atmosphere, so that anyone can participate, regardless of their goals, age, or fitness level.

Every user’s activity raises the bar for everyone else, inspiring them to perform at least as well as each other, if not better. As a result of the coaching support and the bond built by exercising together, everyone puts their very best effort into whatever activity they are participating in.

Key benefits include:

1. Virtual and remote exercise sessions that progress in real-time with real people over a set distance or time frame.

2. The excitement of competing against colleagues in a virtual event that measures milestones and metrics along the way.

3. The possibility to attend workouts from anywhere in the world.

4. Diverse activities and classes that vary in length and effort, making it easy for people of all fitness levels to join in and enjoy the experience.

Strength in numbers

With motivational music playing in the background and easy warm-up drills to set the scene, no matter what type of activity the user chooses to take part in, Sprintcrowd works behind the scenes to track everyones progress so that the coach is able to see in real-time the distance of every competitor.

The app commentary allows the user to hear and see how everybody else is doing during a workout or race too, which creates an incredibly motivational experience for everyone involved. Everyone taking part can track their own distance, pace, cadence, and interval summary and observe their achievements on the leaderboard.

When users finish a workout, they get a notification informing them how they stacked up against the other users with a view of their stats. If anyone misses a scheduled session, they will be gently nudged to hit their weekly exercise goals when they can find the time.

Benefits for every type of user

Live sessions progress in real-time and can be joined from anywhere in the world and are designed so that everyone can participate and feel comfortable. There are activities suitable for every fitness level, from beginner to advanced.

Whether users wish to train for strength and conditioning, flexibility, stress relief or weight loss – live sessions help them achieve their movement goals.Activities and classes vary in length and effort, making it easy for anyone of any fitness level to not only join in, but also enjoy the guidance and motivation of the coach’s commentary and the social interaction of the experience, as well.

Since fitness and energy levels can fluctuate – if a user is not feeling motivated to exercise hard one day, they can dial back the intensity of their workout without being ‘penalised’ on the leaderboard since all of the activities are rated using relative effort (not specific pace).

Coaches that inspire

The unique format of live training utilizes a team of fun and engaging coaches to liven up the experience and encourage everyone to get involved. Each coaches bring something different to the Sprintcrowd live experience. One session might be motivational, while another might be about fitness or how to enhance mental well-being.

Coaches are highly experienced and can guide users through scheduled workouts by tracking metrics like time, pace and distance to give each individual verbal cues about how their workout is progressing.

Users are encouraged to take their fitness and health into their own hands, no matter their level or where they are in their fitness journey, knowing that they are not alone in their journey and are even encouraged to organize their own extra runs and virtual races to help prepare for and meet any extra fitness goals.

The motivating nature of exercising with both coaches and other people in real-time, helps users feel part of something bigger when they work out.

More fun while you run

Sprintcrowd live tracks every minute of physical activity, whether you’re walking, running, or stretching.

With the app, users can track their progress and see how much physical activity they get each day (not just their steps) and how they rank against others.

Insights into pace & effort help users set goals, monitor their progress, and understand what affects their performance over time. For extra preparation, tracking, and meeting fitness goals, they can even organize extra runs with their team.

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