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Walk N Talks with Sprintcrowd

Norrsken, a Swedish women’s activewear brand, founded in 2018 initially focused on producing high-quality jackets with Scandinavian design and has now expanded to offer a range of outdoor apparel, empowering women in their active lifestyles.
Norrsken embarked on an innovative collaboration with Sprintcrowd, to further expand brand reach and deepen its community impact. 

Key Takeaways

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Ninety percent of those registered participated, indicating high engagement and enthusiasm


Following the success of Live event, Norrsken ventured into LIVE shopping, and saw a rise in customer satisfaction

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Walk n Talks saw a significant increase in newsletter sign-ups and social media followers

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Norrskens collaboration with Sprintcrowds had three key objectives: expanding its social media and mailing list through existing customer networks, creating an accessible walk-and-talk program with inspiring female speakers, and demonstrating a commitment to customer loyalty and feedback while giving back in a friendly and useful manner.


During the exploration of marketing strategies, Norrsken carefully considered different marketing strategies before ultimately choosing to partner with Sprintcrowd.
Among the options explored,  was the idea of hiring a PR company to boost brand engagement and awareness to new markets.
However, after thorough consideration, Norrsken decided to shift its focus towards strengthening relationships with the existing following and their communities instead.
After conducting an in-depth analysis of the client base, Norrsken identified a significant segment comprising active, business-savvy women.
Recognizing this valuable demographic, they partnered with Sprintcrowd to develop a series of engaging audio-only Walk-and-Talk events with motivational women speakers. The audio-only format offered by Sprintcrowd was an excellent solution for women on the go due to its inherent flexibility and convenience.
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Norrsken chose Sprintcrowd’s audio-only platform because it suited their audience’s dynamic lifestyles and on-the-go habits.
One of the standout events during the series of walk n’ talks was led by speaker Sheila Arnell and focused on the significance and transformative power of meditation. 
Sheila’s expertise and guidance resonated deeply with listeners and provided valuable insights and practical techniques for incorporating meditation into busy lifestyles.  The event left participants feeling inspired and empowered, ready to prioritize their well-being through active rest and mindful practices. 
Norrsken on the other hand, in curating a lineup of inspiring women speakers and providing valuable content at the walks, was able to demonstrate its commitment to health and growth while delivering a useful and enjoyable experience to all attendees. 
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  • Norrsken’s collaboration with Sprintcrowd strengthened the brand’s image and yielded significant results for the brand.
  • Walk-and-Talk events promoting physical activity, and healthy living with motivational women speakers deeply resonated with Norrsken’s values and mission.
  • Each session helped bolster a sense of community and friendly competition among participants and attracted a total of over 150 enthusiastic women to sign up.
  • The collaboration with Sprintcrowd increased trust, and credibility, and resulted in a substantial increase in newsletter sign-ups and social following.
  • Norrsken plans to expand into new markets later this year, leveraging the successful partnership with Sprintcrowd to solidify its position as a leading women’s activewear brand.

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  • Power Walk
  • Dance Zumba
  • Circle Training


  • Strength – Full Body
  • Tabata

Mobility & Mindfulness

  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Power Pilates
  • Desk Mobility
  • Breath Work

Education/ Workshops

  • Work-life Balance