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Optimum's Health

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A decline in healthy interaction

The effects of the global pandemic have taken their toll on millions of companies. The typical five-day working week at the office is now a rarity. With employees splitting their time between the office and home, or even 100% remote working, the in-person connection is gradually deteriorating. Mental and physical wellbeing is a top priority and the new normal is still an experimentation for many office environments.

The big (health) challenge

In-person exercise challenges used to be a big part of healthcare IT company, Optimum’s weekly schedule. However, remote working has not only disrupted the daily interaction between colleagues, but also their health initiatives which used to include outdoor bootcamps where everyone would come together and train as a team.

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“The holidays, and the months leading up, are always stressful. This challenge was timed well to get me locked in on my healthy habits and add new activities/learning experiences. I would love to do another one now - while the weather is nice/cooler for us here in the southern states! I've also added some at home equipment I learned about through the series to my Christmas list.”

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Connecting colleagues through workplace wellness

Through various types of training programs such as walking, running, yoga and desk mobility, the Sprintcrowd app brought Optimum’s employees together through health and wellness challenges. It reconnected colleagues, created a healthy competition, and also presented opportunities to make new connections that may not have been as easy otherwise.
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Quality time, healthier habits

More quality time spent with colleagues, an increase in adopting healthier habits, and a 100% recommendation score. After participating in the health initiative, powered by the Sprintcrowd platform, over 80% said that they would continue to engage in physical activity on their own.