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Create your own event with friends for free or join many of the public events. Exercise LIVE connected with friends, larger groups or coaches in real time, no matter what your location is.

(Don't sweat it, it's free)

key features

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Connect with friends

Create a friends run and run together with others in real time no matter where you are.


receive live updates

While running you can track your and their progress and get real time voice notifications when you are passing or approaching someone virtually.

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AUDIO & Video Connection

Connect with others over voice and video or just listen to the voice of the  coach or the DJ. 

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Measure your own progress

Track your own progress and statistics.

begin your training adventure

Create your own event and invite your friends or join any of available community runs or training programs. Sprintcrowd gets you going and keeps you going with positive peer pressure. 

workout connected

Get real-time audio updates in relationship to other runners. Connect with voice or listen to the coach motivating you and providing advice as you run. Or simply create a Solo run and run on your own and enjoy the audio based updates on your progress.

build your community

Find other runners or invite your friends and grow your own running crowd. Get to know know people and get inspired to move. 

measure your own progress

Get access to advanced statistics to track your progress or view and compare your statistics with others in real time if you chose. Connect your STRAVA account to share your results.

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