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Sprintcrowd and Saucony
Key Takeaways
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AI-driven features and gamification helped Saucony runners track their progress


SprintCrowd's audio broadcasting technology enabled runners to better concentrate during workouts

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Virtual training sessions allowed members to receive guidance, motivation and coaching remotely

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The Saucony Run Club wanted to engage their community to be active and drive growth for their club.
Saucony came to Sprintcrowd to create a series of location-independent live events that could help the Run Club drive growth, engagement and motivation among its members. 


A few challenges that Saucony sought to address were:
  • Virtual live workouts for Saucony Club members that live in remote locations or cannot attend in-person sessions
  • Opportunities to grow brand awareness community engagement and improve the virtual experience for runners using AI technology, and gamification features
  • Clear broadcasting audio technology to combat distractions during workouts in noisy, chaotic environments, that could make it difficult for runners to focus when taking part in live audio-guided runs. 
  • Ways to drive motivation among club members with different fitness goals and experience levels
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" Our members appreciated being part of something bigger, where they could meet their coach and fellow runners remotely and still feel like they were working together."

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Ebba Jacobsson

Marketing & Event Manager

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It was easy to manage and schedule virtual runs, track attendance, and communicate with members using Sprintcrowd.
Members were able to log in and participate in training sessions from anywhere, making each meet-up more accessible to a wider audience. This helped runners and coaches stay connected and coordinated before and during training sessions and events.
SprintCrowd’s interactive audio technology meant that runners received live audio prompts in real-time, without the distractions of screens or visual cues, helping them fully concentrate on their form and technique while working out. 
The high-quality audio hosting and notification features were especially beneficial for runners that had to do their workouts in noisy, chaotic environments, such as gyms, or busy roads – since the clarity of the audio helped them keep their focus while still receiving guidance and input. 
Members were able to engage directly with the community via the Sprintcrowd platform, to connect, share progress, and motivate each other to achieve fitness goals, which enhanced community building and engagement. 
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By collaborating with SprintCrowd, Saucony was able to create location-independent training sessions that allow members to receive audio coaching in real time regardless of where the runners were based which helped with community building and engagement. 
SprintCrowd’s broadcasting technology capabilities delivered high-quality live audio coaching that was able to mimic real-time, in-person runs.
Gamified prompts and AI features helped runners stay focused on their workouts and made each session immersive and fun. 
Overall, the collaboration with SprintCrowd worked with Saucony to build a larger, stronger, more engaged community of runners motivated to achieve their goals together.

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