Join our journey to transform the workplace to a more healthy, inclusive and fun environment for every company on the planet.
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Join our journey to transform the workplace to a more healthy, inclusive and fun environment for every company on the planet.
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We believe in doing workplace wellness differently

Our mission is to empower individuals, workplaces and communities to make healthy choices and reduce chronic disease risk. Our approach to wellness is successful because it doesn’t just address one aspect of health, rather it considers multiple dimensions of employee well-being.
Employee expectations are changing: Increasingly, your staff want more time doing the things that matter to them. That might be spending more time with their families, pursuing a hobby or working on their health and well-being. To really infuse health and well-being into a workplace culture, employers need to step up and support their workers in these endeavours.
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Equip your workplace with what it needs to thrive: A healthy work environment has leaders that walk the talk of a true culture of health. No matter whether they’re onsite or remote, or a combination of both, with Sprintcrowd, you can invest in the health of your employees and watch the benefits reverberate throughout the organization.
Health is wealth: When your employees feel healthy and confident at work, they have the tools to thrive and make positive contributions to the workplace. In the end, everyone benefits.
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Live & on-demand features

  • Real-time leaderboards to keep employees engaged, motivated, and accountable.
  • Collaboration tools for peer-to-peer support and team interactions.
  • Live coaching from fitness professionals for personalized guidance and encouragement.
  • Integration with popular fitness tracking devices for seamless tracking and reporting.
  • Analytics and reporting for HR departments to monitor employee progress and program success.
  • The ability to plan races or workplace challenges for a specific occasion or smaller initiatives and targets to encourage healthy behaviour for the long term.

Sprintcrowd helps reduce stress in the workplace

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Sprintcrowd’s professional coaches, inspiring speakers and DJs make health and fitness training more effective and accessible than ever.
Tailor activities to suit your workplace’s requirements so that all abilities, cultures, ages, and fitness levels can engage and participate.

Training Categories

We have a wide range of modules which are carefully curated to fit different schedules and lifestyles
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  • Power Walk
  • Running Cardio 2
  • Running Cardio 3
  • Dance Zumba
  • Run/Jog/Walk
  • Circle Training
Sprintcrowd - Cardio - Training Categories


  • Strength – Full Body
  • Strength – Upper Body
  • Strength – Lower Body
  • Strength – Abs & Core
  • Tabata
Sprintcrowd - Fitness - Training Categories
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  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Power Pilates
  • Stretch Mobility – Upper Body
  • Stretch Mobility – Lower Body
  • Desk Mobility
  • Movement Medicine
  • Breath Work
Sprintcrowd - Mobility and Mindfulness - Training Categories

Education / Work-Shops

  • Nutrition
  • Work-life Balance
  • Why Move?
  • 4 Keys to Happiness
Sprintcrowd - Education and Workshops - Training Categories


We have a wide range of different courses which are carefully curated to fit different schedules and lifestyles for your employees.

Your Coaches

We have a wide range of modules which are carefully curated to fit different schedules and lifestyles


workplace challenges

Turn wellness goals into exhilarating team-building experiences: There is no doubt that wellness challenges continue to be a great way to sustain well-being program engagement and encourage a culture of well-being that is positive and fun. Challenges are also a great way to promote healthy competition, enabling employees to soar to new heights and achieve their full potential, both individually and collectively.


Select the package that fits your company or get  in contact with one of our health specialists. 
Sprintcrowd Offerings

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Join our shared monthly challenge and compete against other companies.

A monthly challenge of wellness, teamwork and global impact

25 000 SEK/month

Most Popular

For mid size companies that wants to engage  your employees with a tailored health challenge

Launch your own seasonal health challenge

135 000 SEK /3 months

For large organizations that wants to inviest in longterm health benefits

Tailored based on your needs

Enterprise Customized/year

Project management and onboarding
Communications packageN/AStandardTailoredTailored
Ambassador onboardingN/AN/AYesYes
Townhall meetingN/AN/AYesYes
Launch movieN/AN/AYesYes
Health courses
Live sessions with Sprintcrowd professional coachN/A2/week2/weekCustomized
Training tipsN/AYesYesYes
On demand sessionsN/A2/week2/weekCustomized
Own sessions (ambassadors)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Interviews / PodcastsN/A1/month1/monthCustomized
Project management and communicationsN/AN/A4 hours/weekCustomized
End user supportN/ABusiness hours24/724/7
LIVE support during sessionsN/AN/AAll sessionsAll sessions
Ambassador supportN/AYesYesYes
Solo run/walkYesYesYesYes
Friends run/walkYesYesYesYes
Create and host sessionLimited to 3UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Own brandingN/AYesYesYes
LIVE Audio and video streamingN/AYesYesYes
Web portalLimited to 3YesYesYes
Mobile AppN/AYesYesYes
Automatic calendar invites and remindersYesYesYesYes
Automatic recordingsLimited to 3YesYesYes
Chat groupsN/A1 plus 1 per team1 plus 1 per teamUnlimited
Analytics dashboardN/AYesYesYes
AI Analytics botN/AN/AYesYes
Tailored reports and surveysN/AN/AN/AYes
Music library and streamingN/AYesYesYes
Add session outside the appN/AYesYesYes





Access to on-demand content

Create your own company branded programs

LIVE Audio and Video streaming for your own coaches

Automatic recordings

Chat groups and community

Advanced analytics and AI

Teams and leaderboards

Chat support

Music library and streaming

2 modules

Project manager from Sprintcrowd

Branding and onboarding communications package

Integrated incentives program

Tailored reports

4 weeks health challenges

Yearly planning with goals and KPIs

Tailored reports

Support for launch campaigns

Coaching and community support

Customer success manager

24/7 Prior 1 support


Free trial

For organizations that want to launch their own wellbeing or training program.

Access to the platform, library of sessions and most popular health challenges.

Most Popular


Starting from
30 000 SEK / per month

For organizations that wants to quickly launch one of our most popular healt challenges

Access to Sprintcrowd professional coaches and project management for your specific health challenge


Let’s Talk!

For larger organizations that want to work log term with heath and wellbeing

Tailored program based on needs analysis and business case

eco-friendly Incentives

We believe incentives are an essential part of any successful well-being challenge. Participants of a Sprintcrowd program all accrue eco-points that can be redeemed to help support the Ocean Cleanup and One Tree Planted projects. 
Sprintcrowd will honor these points and use them to plant a tree for every 500 points earned or clean the ocean of fifty kilograms of plastic waste for every 1000 eco points earned.

key features


your branding


spectator view


LIVE streaming

stats for teams

stats for different teams and groups

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live audio + music


On demand sessions

live run

live races


Training Programs


Once you’ve decided to design and implement an employee health and fitness strategy, we help you with an initial assessment of your employee’s needs and interests and demonstrate how Sprintcrowd works. 
Contact us for a free demo and a dedicated account manager will show you what makes our platform different from the competition. 
Sprintcrowd is a platform that offers a variety of activities to suit every workplace culture and personality.
Our platform is built to engage managers and team leaders in establishing a culture of fitness and health in the workplace.
We provide a starter pack of marketing assets and a dedicated customer success manager to help you communicate upcoming events and drive onboarding.
Employees can train whenever and wherever they want, thereby our system caters to both extroverted and introverted personalities. Additionally, our coach-led activities, spark events, and challenges help promote team spirit and cooperation among colleagues, encouraging everyone to support and motivate each other to reach personal or combined goals.
All challenges and workout sessions are effort-based rather than performance-based, meaning that everyone can participate and contribute points to a constantly updated leaderboard.
Sprintcrowd provides every account with a dedicated customer success manager to help with onboarding, organise fun live events and wellness initiatives, evaluate participation levels in each activity, and track the analytic metrics that show what works and what doesn’t. 
We specialise in organising physical activities like running, walking, yoga, strength training and stretching sessions and relaxation techniques such as meditation, and breathwork. 
Your customer service representative can help tailor the program to your company’s needs. The only limit is your imagination!
Companies pay a monthly fee per user ranging from 10-25 euros per active user per month. Based on a minimum commitment number. This all-inclusive pricing includes a set amount of live coaching sessions and a dedicated support person.
We hear this often – but give us a chance to show you our product, and convince you that Sprintcrowd is different. Our app was developed by runners and athletes especially to motivate people to exercise. 
Other features to help workplaces setting up a new initiative include: 
  • White-label marketing assets using your company branding
  • Coach-led programs with LIVE training
  • Spark sessions with inspirational speakers and high-quality music broadcasting
  • Tailored programs focused on lasting change over a longer period 
  • Smart gamification and community building 
  • A dedicated account representative specialising in improving fitness program engagement in the workplace.
Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, French, and Dutch.



  • Power Walk
  • Dance Zumba
  • Circle Training


  • Strength – Full Body
  • Tabata

Mobility & Mindfulness

  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Power Pilates
  • Desk Mobility
  • Breath Work

Education/ Workshops

  • Work-life Balance