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Virtual engagement at Swedbank with Sprintcrowd

Swedbank needed to overcome geographical barriers to encourage across-the-board engagement in company wellness activities. Limited opportunities for employees to interact and connect with each other in person due to their dispersed locations posed a challenge. 
Swedbank embraced the power of technology and partnered with Sprintcrowd, to offer live virtual group training sessions.

Key Takeaways

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Sprintcrowd helped Swedbank's running academy connect employees


Virtual engagement using Sprintcrowd expanded reach and inclusivity

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Employees exercised at their own pace in an effort-based environment

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Swedbank’s running academy provides a dedicated space for employees to train, socialise and prepare for races.
Before the pandemic, the running academy was already a hub for employees to come together, engage in physical activity, build connections and train for running events.  However, geographical barriers hindered the scalability of in-person running sessions where employees met up with a local coach to run as a group.
Swedbank recognized the need to overcome these limitations to growth and find an innovative solution to ensure employees from different locations could participate and feel connected when participating in coached meetups.


Swedbank teamed up with Sprintcrowd, to expand the reach and impact of their running program.
Virtual-friendly technology provided meant that employees from different locations could join in coached training sessions, eliminating geographical barriers.
Sprintcrowd’s platform offered personalized coaching to all participants that was tailored to each individual’s workout needs. This meant attendees could run at their own pace while still feeling part of a larger effort-based experience, ensuring inclusivity and camaraderie.
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With Sprintcrowd’s virtual group training platform, employees from different locations were able to participate in the running academy meetups regardless of where they were located, or how fit they were. 
The personalized coaching provided by Sprintcrowd’s fitness professionals tailored the training experience to individual needs, ensuring a customized and effort-based approach for all participants. 
Swedbank’s integration of Sprintcrowd into its running academy engagement initiatives improved employee well-being, team cohesion, and overall engagement.
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Using Sprintcrowd’s inventive technology, Swedbank successfully engaged employees in social physical meet-ups organized by the company running academy. Through this initiative, employees were able to come together, support one another, and pursue their fitness goals together while overcoming geographical barriers and creating a unified community.
By taking a holistic approach to employee engagement and well-being, Swedbank’s running academy developed a loyal following that has benefited the company in the long term.

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