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Join us on for the Kick off on the 20th of April 12:00 CET for the LAUNCH of the TCS SWITZERLAND run club!

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Time & Date

Week 1: The View from Here

Interval session – A new week with a new interval session designed to build your running fitness from the ground up.

12:00 Wed 20thApr

Podcast session – About training, to begin, and setting goals. With special guest.

10:00 Sun 24th Apr

Week 2: Breaking Point

Interval session – A session to let you know your breaking point between pleasure and pain.

12:00 Wed 2tth Apr

Podcast session – Meet and be inspired by Musse Swedish Marathon record holder.

10:00 Sun 1st May

Week 3: Wide Spaces

Interval session – Week four means we are all ready for a special interval treat – meaning longer intervals at threshold.

12:00 Wed 4th May

Podcast session – Music to help you through your last distance run for the week

10:00 Sun 8th May

Week 4: Heartbeater

Interval session – Our hearts are one of the key to running success, today we make sure it beats a little faster.

12:00 Wed 11th May

Podcast session – Race preparation, and planning – how to run your best on the day.

10:00 Sun 15th May

Week 5: Racing Times

Interval session – Close to our finish event, so why not put on the final touches to the plan, today we run to do just that

12:00 Wed 18th May

Podcast session- Music to help you through your last distance run for the week.

10:00 Sun 22nd May

Week 6: Chasing your Demons

Interval session – Race week, means a perfect time to get mentally ready for the final push

12:00 Wed 25th May

End Race 5 or 10 k to see your improvement

10:00 Sun 29th May

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