Top tips to help drive engagement and participation


If you’re weighing the pros and cons of implementing a workplace health and fitness program for your workforce in 2023, we’ve got some insights on helping make it a success.

Here are three simple tips to help drive engagement and participation:


1. Understand what motivates your people.


If you try and push your employees to participate in health and fitness program activities that don’t interest them, it’s a given that you will experience low engagement and turnout. People need to be motivated to participate in a new activity, and often companies forget this when designing a health and wellness program.

A great way to determine what program will benefit your employees the most is by doing a little research and evaluating your team’s preferences and habits.

Some of your employees are probably extroverted types that thrive on competition and enjoy high-intensity activities like running, weightlifting or boxing. Whereas the more introverted, quiet personalities in your workplace may prefer activities that are more focused on the mind – such as meditation, hiking in the woods, or breathwork.

An anonymous health assessment can encourage your employees to open up about their current health and activity level along with their preferences or interests outside of work. This information can be used to create a tailored and actionable wellness program that can influence positive change in the entire workplace rather than just a segment of your workforce.


2. Create time sensitive goals


A timeline with health and fitness program goals and milestones should be a key part of your program to ensure everyone is seeing results and to determine if adjustments are needed.

A shared calendar is a great way to help employees organise and plan their health goals ahead of time to they always have something new and exciting to focus on.

The calendar can include milestones and benchmarks to gauge the effectiveness of different initiatives to see what works best for everyone.

A standardised method  like the “SMART” goal technique meets each of the following criteria:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Action-oriented
  • Relevant
  • Time-sensitive

Don’t forget to take time to do regular check-ins with your employees to keep everyone on track and ensure they are staying motivated. During these check-ins, employees can also discuss any progress or challenges they are facing or set new goals if something is not working as hoped.

3. Encourage movement during office hours

With many employees living relatively sedentary lives and chronic diseases hitting all-time historic and epidemic levels, Sprintcrowd’s mission is to motivate people worldwide to move more.

Human bodies need just 30 minutes of physical activity daily to enjoy health and psychological benefits that can result in weight loss, fewer sick days and increased productivity.

If you offer your employees thirty minute  throughout the workday to move about more, you can promote and encourage physical activity, even if it is just a stretching session or a walking meeting.

The best way to get your employees more active is by creating a supportive and encouraging culture that recognises employees for their efforts and successes.

By incorporating small daily habits into the workplace at every possible opportunity, you can encourage participation and enthusiasm across the board.

Finding the best program for your employees may take some trial and error, but the work will pay off for everyone overall.

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