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The world’s first and only LIVE health transformation platform. 

Move connected with your colleagues and coaches.

Empower your people

Leverage the power of LIVE virtual races and group training sessions, and let our coaches do the work.

Sprintcrowd knows that an effective corporate health promotion initiative requires active input from everyone to evolve and grow. Our platform helps companies make fitness fun and accessible for everyone. 

Specialising in fitness challenges that bring employees together across teams, departments, and locations, Sprintcrowd helps improve physical activity and boost friendly competition among employees of all fitness levels. 


Create and host branded LIVE virtual races or design fitness programs with an unlimited number of participants

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Organise Walk & Talks & Lunch and Learns to increase creativity and boost productivity in the workplace. 


Schedule a variety of different health and fitness campaigns based on company workplace wellness goals with professional coaches and motivational music. 

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Training Programs

Improve Employee Productivity With Workplace Wellness

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Studies show that 70% of employees enrolled in workplace health and fitness programs report higher job satisfaction.

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Over 50% of employees are positive or very positive about using digital tools to improve their health.

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87% of employees expect support from employers in achieving work-life balance. (PR Newswire) 

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Sprintcrowd helps reduce stress in the workplace

Workplace health programs need to be tailored to meet the unique needs of each organisation and its employees. Thanks to our affiliate network of more than 100 certified coaches, we provide your business with smart incentives and strategic communication techniques to encourage participation, keep your staff motivated and help build a strong community culture.  

With a range of coach-led LIVE and on-demand sessions that include deep breathing and mindfulness and physical activities like running, power-walking and strength-building, activities aren’t just healthy; they also promote social interaction, which has its own mental health benefits.

Sprintcrowd helps reduce stress in the workplace

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Workplace health programs need to be tailored to meet the unique needs of each organisation and its employees. Thanks to our affiliate network of more than 100 certified coaches, we provide your business with smart incentives and strategic communication techniques to encourage participation, keep your staff motivated and help build a strong community culture.  

With a range of coach-led LIVE and on-demand sessions that include deep breathing and mindfulness and physical activities like running, power-walking and strength-building, activities aren’t just healthy; they also promote social interaction, which has its own mental health benefits.

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As an organisation, you can create a set of challenges that run over a set period of time and group users in different teams. The program can consist of a mix of individual challenges such as group walk & talk meetings or 100% LIVE events with motivational speakers. Set personalized goals appropriate for individual fitness levels and track everyone’s progress on the company’s leaderboard. Your dedicated customer success manager will help tailor you a program that is just right for you.

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It's easy for your team to get started

With just one click, employees can get to work on their health and wellness to see small improvements every day. Users can download the branded app on their phones to join their team’s program. Why not invite your customers and partners too?

Set Activity goals

Plan an individual walk or weekly group running event, or join a LIVE session with inspiring speakers and music DJs.

Walk & Talk meetings spark creativity, productivity, and engagement, while team or department challenges are a great way to cultivate a sense of unity and a one-team experience among employees.

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Sprintcrowd is an end-to-end, white-label wellness platform for employers and professional coaches that makes fitness fun. 

Highly focused on increasing team engagement through live health and wellness activities, Sprintcrowd caters to companies that seek to boost workplace engagement through healthier, happier, and more connected employees.

Sprintcrowd offers a dedicated support plan with an Account Manager to help onboard customers, set up their customised health journey, and implement activities and challenges.

Companies looking to implement an inhouse wellness program using their own branding, are able to adopt Sprintcrowds technology under a white-label agreement.

Fitness programs can be tailored and scaled to meet each business’s unique requirements and businesses can choose from different activity modules to tailor their programming to employee wellness goals.

Health and wellness programs are structured to include an initial six weeks of onboarding, 12 weeks of activation and 12 weeks of background support once everyone has established a health and fitness routine.

A designated customer service representative will help get everyone signed up by sharing branded, curated content about health and fitness, upcoming events and different activities to engage and inspire personal and professional well-being.

The onboarding phase is devised to encourage employees to sign up so that workplaces can encourage, and incentivise wellness activity, particularly physical activity in the workplace, set health goals and take on challenges available through the platform’s comprehensive library of live activities. 

The process begins with Sprintcrowd setting up a unique landing page and company email login, from which an invite is sent out to all employees. 

This email informs your staff about the program and includes a video link from one of our coaches on why and how to sign up for the program.

The design team create customised health and fitness content using your branding that can be utilized in the office and shared workspaces to evoke an emotional response about health and fitness. Posters have smart tags to help users sign up without fuss.

Sprintcrowd supports the HR team and each onboarding package is structured to include two webinar sessions to help generate ideas on how to get everyone signed up without anyone feeling left out.  

After the onboarding phase is complete comes the activation phase, complete with engagement and habit-building challenges and live events to drive workplace engagement. 

Our specialised coaches and customer service reps work with your team during this time to help drive workplace engagement through health and wellness participation and incentivisation. 

Users that have signed up will have access to two weekly health and fitness coaching sessions. Our coaches facilitate motivating group discussions, recommend customised fitness challenges and live activities, and review user data to offer expert analysis and helpful feedback. 

If anyone misses a session, they are provided with the chance to access that session later on demand. Users will get a push notification reminding them when a session is coming up, and if they miss the run, it will nudge them to take some time to exercise later in the day.

Catch-up sessions still accrue points for the leader board (both individual and team), and the participant can listen to the original audio recording of the missed workout so as not to miss any important information from the coach, speaker or colleagues.  

After the 12-week-long activation phase, the fitness program moves into a self-directed phase. This phase doesn’t come with the same level of support as the onboarding and activation phases, since at this point employees can take control of their personal wellness journey.

Live coaching sessions drop down to one session per week, but users still benefit from ongoing support, as well as a dedicated Account Manager and on-demand access to support and health resources. 

Users log in through a web-based portal. The platform is also available on mobile devices through an app for iOS and Android.

Your Sprintcrowd support person is like a remote event manager who helps organize fun live events and wellness initiatives, evaluates participation levels in each activity and keeps track of the analytics that show what works and what doesn’t, and who is getting involved and who might some extra support. Basically, they act as coordinators and problem solvers to the HR department,  keeping track of data and helping motivate engagement and participation.

Sprintcrowd is the only LIVE platform that can organize real-time competitive fitness challenges hosted by coaches who are certified experts in their field. Individual users are provided with live insights while participating in a live race, and HR managers can gain valuable, real-time insights into the effectiveness and engagement levels of the program. 

Live challenges provide users with direct interaction with colleagues, friends and coaches while they train. Participants’ latest exercise statistics and results are added in real-time to the leaderboard while they run or workout, making the whole workout more tangible than a pre-recorded session. 

You can either host your own programs or events or ask Sprintcrowd to provide professional coach, speakers or DJs.

The spectator view provides the audience with a web view of the event where they can watch the LIVE leaderboard and listen to the audio stream without participating.

Only your creativity sets the boundaries for how you use our platform. Some of the most common use cases are: Walk & Talks, POD Runs, Community Runs, Department Challenges, Interval training sessions, Distance run sessions and LIVE races with commentator. 

Companies pay a monthly fee per user that which is based on a minimum commitment number. This all-inclusive pricing includes a set amount of live coaching sessions and a dedicated support person.

Included in our onboarding phase is a training and development service, which helps HR managers launch their company health program, plan incentive structures, and determine which metrics to track in order to achieve the company’s corporate wellness goals.

We provide three significant support mechanisms to help:

  • White-label marketing assets using YOUR branding
  • Coach-led training/ Live events
  • A dedicated customer service representative specialising in improving fitness program engagement in the workplace.

Through our affiliate network, we have more than 100 professional coaches certified in different wellness activities that can help promote brain and body health in the workplace. We also can create customised content that promotes awareness on mental health challenges in the workplace and tailor a program around de-stressing and coping techniques to prevent burnout.

Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, French, and Dutch.

Yes – with the support of our team, who will create events and work out a program that suits the company so that HR does not have to take on the job alone.

Our programs offer a broad spectrum of activities to suit different personality types and workplace cultures. We help you tailor the program to suit your company’s environment and employee requirements. Some companies start out with a fitness and health program that focuses on getting people to move their bodies more, only to change activities down the line to focus on mental health awareness or yoga and stretching.  

Our platform allows people to train when and where they want – while still feeling connected with their colleagues anywhere in the word; this means both extrovert and introvert employees or members are catered for in different ways. Nobody gets left behind with Sprintcrowd.

Sprintcrowd works to motivate employees in three ways:

Coach-led activities – The coach participates in runs and exercise sessions remotely to build engagement, create a community and motivate everyone to get involved.

Live events – These events can be hosted by motivational speakers (from the company or externally) or they can be hosted by a DJ or local musician.

ChallengesChallenges created to help promote compassion and cooperation among colleagues and stimulate participation in events and meet-ups. Team-based challenges encourage employees in different departments or locations to support and gently push each other to reach personal and combined goals, which can be completed in teams or as individuals. All challenges and workout sessions contribute points for the leaderboard. Teams and individuals can also create their own events in addition to the scheduled workouts.

Simple. We help enhance your company’s core values and corporate culture while promoting the health and fitness of your employees.

We are the only platform offering Live workouts with real-time commentator statistics and analysis through your headphones. In a world where everything is pre-recorded, live sessions can really inspire and boost employee enthusiasm for health and fitness experiences. Users in different timezones can participate in the same workout session and compare results in real-time rather than do a pre-recorded workout without any social interaction or motivation to show up.

No, our app is like a cable streaming subscription.  You just need to sign up for a minimum of one month, and then you can cancel with just one month’s notice.

Participants can choose to submit anonymous or non-anonymous results to go on the leaderboard.

If you would like to delete a race for some reason, just get in touch with us, and we will do this for you.

While we specialise in organising activities like running, walking, yoga, strength training, cycling, skiing, cross-fit, and mindfulness, your customer service representative can help tailor the program to your company’s needs. The only limit is your imagination!

Sprintcrowd provides real-time performance insights on the platform and app that allow participants to keep track of their progress as they work toward their fitness goals.

You can create a Crowd Run by selecting “Create Sprint” and then selecting ‘Create Crowd Run’ (see this video tutorial for Crowd Runs). This will allow you to create an event with an unlimited number of participants you can invite via a custom link. You can also brand your event with your image, name and description. You can add a co-host if you like and even play music for the audience when broadcasting using an Irig2 (see instructions). On the leaderboard, you can click the microphone next to audience names and pass them the mic if you want to involve them in the conversation.